The UK is in a state of enforced lockdown and the police have been given new powers to fine people for being out of the house. So what if your boiler breaks down?

In any ordinary situation, a boiler breaking down is an unpleasant enough experience. You’d face the prospect of no hot water and no central heating. Depending on the precise nature of the breakdown, it might take several days to repair.

When you factor in the added complication of a global pandemic and the government declaring a state of emergency with enforced social distancing, and you’d be forgiven for predicting quite a delay on your boiler repairs.

Not so! If you’re lucky enough to live in the Burnley or Pendle area, then you find yourself within the reach of Real Home Improvements, who can still offer emergency call outs for repairs. During normal times, access to hot water is a necessity. But now we’re in the middle of a national health emergency and the government advice is to maintain an extra high level of cleanliness, it’s more important than ever.

Central heating is also more important than ever, especially for the more vulnerable sections of society. Information from the Chief Medical Officer states that anyone with pre-existing medical conditions is much more likely to suffer complications if they catch the coronavirus. If you’re boiler’s broken and you catch a chill, the consequences could potentially be disastrous.

Real Home Improvements has a team of qualified, experienced tradespeople operating an emergency callout service, they’ve got a fleet of vans and they’re offering a service that is second to none. This is a service that they’ve been offering to landlords in the buy to let sector for years, they already manage 1700 properties in the area. But recently, due to popular demand, they’ve opened up the service to the public and commercial sector.

For £19.99 a month you can have unlimited call outs and they can do all sorts of emergency work around the house or business premises, from water leaks to faulty wiring, broken windows, problems with the gas, any kind of emergency requiring a tradesman’s expert knowledge. If you’re worried about social distancing, they’re asking people to take photographs or videos of the problem so they can make an initial assessment of the situation and so reduce the amount of time they actually spend in your house and come prepared to repair it the first time.